Our Mission Our Mission
To provide a safe neighborhood through community participation in a non-confrontational matter that benefits everyone as a whole.  This is commonly known as a Neighborhood Watch.

Walk Rules

1)            No alcohol or weapons

2)            Dogs are allowed

3)            Children ? = Up to parents

4)            Minimum two people per walk

5)            One cell phone and one working flashlight on at all                times.

6)            NO CONFRONTATIONS!!  (see Rich / Sean for                             details)

7)            Digital cameras for graffiti only

8)            Replacement; for respect of your co-walker please                       find a replacement.

9)            Wear your vest at all times

10)          Speak nicely to people / kids, invite them to join our                   neighborhood watch

11)          Maintain the Daily Log

               - Call it in

               - Write it down

               *Make sure it is logged:  Time/Occurrence

Our Mission
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